Community Building and Diakonia

Jesus Christ gathered his disciples to be a community around him. We all have to take—all of us together—our responsibility to build up the community of faith, the community of Jesus Christ. To create the Christian life here in Leuven. Because it’s very important that we are praying together and living together in this beautiful community here. (Deken Dirk De Gendt, speaking to our community in 2014)

The main focus and core ministry of the Community-Building and Diakonia Commission is the hospitality we offer after Sunday Eucharist, which is the occasion to meet and get to know each other, and so to build up our community. Our hospitality ministry is a heritage from the many years when our community was linked to the American College seminary.

The members of this Commission also organize several social events, like an All Saints Eve party, Christmas Caroling, and a summer barbecue. They also assist at charity fundraising events like “Soep op de stoep” and “Koffiestop” and organize our diaconal services. Also part of community building is a group that volunteers to clean the church, a Ladies Group, a Men’s Group, and Family Ministry. Finally, this Commission includes all our community's communications, including our website, Facebook page, Instagram, E-newsletter, and promotion.

Commissioners: Annemie Vanermen and Conrad Nwaka

Coordinator of Hospitality and Events: Annemie Vanermen and Conrad Nwaka

Coordinator of Communications: John Steffen

Coordinator of Women’s Group: Stephanie Heikamp

Coordinator of Men’s Group: Mark Vaughan-Shaw

Coordinator of Diakonia: John Steffen