Fr Bosco Darsi

Meet Fr Don Bosco Darsi

Fr Bosco hails from Andhra Pradesh, in southeast India. In January 2019 he was granted by the KU Leuven the Ph.D. in theology and the S.T.D. (Doctorate in Sacred Theology, a canonical degree. His research interests are Epikeia and Law of gradualness. He is also interested in youth ministry and promoting various ecclesial lay moments. He assists many young people who are seeking a life of meaningful faith and encounter with Christ. To rejuvenate the young people and the families in the Gospel values is his natural passion. He has special concern for orphans, homeless, refugees and the elderly.
In addition to leading our community, Fr Bosco also oversees the Liturgy Commission. He is a member of the Gemeenschapsploeg and participates in the leadership of the Pastoral Zone.