About Us

We are the International Community of Sint Kwinten In Leuven. Our membership includes people from all across the world, from the United States and Canada, to England, Belgium, and all over Europe; from Africa to India and Asia, and beyond. As a community, we gather for Holy Mass on Sundays and throughout the week to celebrate the gift of the Eucharist given to us by Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

We are a community that seeks to grow in the love of Jesus Christ in union with and fidelity to His Holy Catholic Church.
We do this primarily through our practice of the liturgical and the sacramental life, especially through the whole community’s participation in the joyful and reverent celebration of the Eucharist.
Sustained by the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist and vivified by the Holy Spirit, we are called to welcome others into our community and reach out to them in communal acts of charity.
Likewise, our practice of the liturgical and the sacramental life impels us to become sowers of the Word, bringing the good news of Christ to others.