Liturgy Commission

For the Second Vatican Council every Sunday is Easter Day. While we come together, listen to the Gospel, and celebrate the Eucharist, the Lord Jesus liberates us from our sadness and anxiety, from our unbelief and our coolness, and He lets our hearts flood with gladness and faith, trust and surrender. So, thanks to the Lord, every Sunday we are again Easter disciples who radiate joy, love, and goodness. And that is the actual vocation of Christians. (Bishop Leon Lemmens, ‘Sunday, a day like no other,’ 2012)

The Liturgy Commission is our oldest commission, first established at our community’s foundation in 2011. Liturgy is truly at the heart of our community’s mission and ministry, which finds its “source and summit” in the celebration of the Eucharist.

The members of the Liturgy Commission work together to plan, organize, and carry out the liturgical services of our community, including Eucharist, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, processions, and more.

The Commission is comprised of its Commissioner together with the sacristan and the coordinators of the four liturgical ministries: altar servers, lectors, music, and ushers.


Commissioner: Fr Tuli

Sacristan: Henri Meulemans

Coordinators of Altar Servers: Conrad Nwaka

Coordinator of Lectors: Anouk Morren

Coordinator of Music: Erwin Muller

Coordinator of Ushers: Stephanie Heikamp