Grace upon grace: a community of friends in Christ

As a family of seven we found a new home in Sint Kwinten’s Community. We were heartily welcomed by Anouk at our first Mass there: “If you are new here…”. During hospitality we could meet with everybody, and we met old friends, whom we knew from elsewhere.
Fr. Bosco was very inviting too. There were also young people, so our children liked to come very much, even though English is not their native language.
It was also very nice for the boys, Wouter, Lucas and Thomas, that they were allowed to serve as altar boys in the liturgy. Patrick is happy to serve as a lector, Marieke and Chantal as cantors, and Rose with her flute music.
We appreciate it a lot that the community team organizes all kind of activities, so the community becomes a community of friends in Christ.
Patrick Vandenhove and Chantal Kortmann