Sint-Kwinten’s yearly celebration with BBQ

On Sunday, June 23, the parishioners of Sint-Kwinten once again gathered as one community to celebrate the Eucharist.
Gregorian chant and contemporary hymns alternated.
The Gospel (Luke 9, 18-24) posed to us a very personal question. After Jesus had asked his disciples, “Who do the crowds say that I am?” he went further, asking them, and each of us: “But who do you say that I am?”
Our main celebrant, Father Ger-Jan, OSA, ended his homily as follows: “Perhaps this is also the essence of my identity as a Christian: that my primary task is to give a credible interpretation to my vocation in the footsteps of the man of Nazareth, in all my actions. And that, in doing so, I can count on the valuable and indispensable contributions of the people around me, who help me to find my destiny and to fulfill my vocation.”
Following our Eucharistic celebration, we enjoyed a delicious BBQ with many side dishes and tasty desserts on the lawn alongside the church.
Sint-Kwinten yearly barbecue
The icing on the cake was live music; and those who wanted to, despite temperatures that had risen considerably, could dance and play.
It was a lovely Sunday in June on which to end the 2018-19 school and work year.