Feast of Sint Kwinten celebrated

On Sunday 29 October, we celebrated our annual Feast of Sint Kwinten. At the beginning of the celebration, the children were invited to place a candle in front of the statue of Sint Kwinten, which was given a special place near the altar.

In his homily, Father Juan Carlos emphasized that the word “martyr” comes from the Greek “martys,” “witness” (“martyrion” means “testimony”). He appealed to us as Christians in these highly secularized times to remain witnesses to Christ wherever we are, in our family, work environment and circle of friends. In great and small moments we can bear witness to Christ, such as by mentioning in passing in a conversation that you go to the Eucharist on Sunday or are praying for someone.

After the beautiful celebration, we had the opportunity to enjoy the food that so many had brought along to the Sint-Kwintenshuis, to talk with each other over a drink, and also get to know new people.

It was a successful and most enjoyable Feast of Sint Kwinten thanks to all who helped in one way or another to make everything run smoothly.

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