Brothers of the Tiberiade visit Leuven

On Sunday 17 March, Br. Emmanuel and Br. Serafim of the Fraternité de Tiberiade visited the faith community of Sint-Kwinten.

Br. Emmanuel presided over the Eucharist and said in his bilingual homily, referring to the Gospel of the Transfiguration, that it is very understandable that Peter wanted to build tents in which to keep hold of that moment of glory. “Probably Jesus smiled at Peter’s enthusiasm. Jesus, however, continued his journey, which was to end in Jerusalem on the cross.”

Br. Emmanuel also referred to the many scandals that have plagued the Church around the world in recent years and asked us to love Jesus, the Church, and its priests even more and to pray even more fervently for them, referring to the last verse of the second reading: “Always stand firm in the Lord” (Philippians 4:1).

Following the Eucharist, there was a fellowship gathering in the Sint-Kwintenshuis, where we had the opportunity to talk with the two brothers and get acquainted with the Fraternité de Tiberiade.