Grace upon grace: a vivid Catholic community with an open heart

As a Belgian-Slovak couple we lived in Germany for some years. There we were members of an American parish. We experienced the beauty of the liturgy and of fellowship. It was more than a mere attendance of the Sunday mass. We really belonged to a community.
When we moved to Leuven in 2017, we hoped to find a parish where we would feel again at home. We visited several churches in Leuven, but one of the main concerns we had was the continuous rotation of priests in the different parishes.
We were invited to Sint-Kwinten for the first time via Sam and Kim, friends of ours. There we found back what we had experienced in Germany: a vivid Catholic community with an open heart. There was as well Fr. Bosco, a welcoming priest who tried to help people and, most importantly, who wanted to bring them closer to God.
Throughout the years we are still impressed by the beautiful liturgy, which is celebrated according to the missal and the deep faith of the parishioners.
We enjoy the international flavour of the community, which is a sign of the universal Catholic Church. Moreover, we feel always welcome as a young family with three small children.
Jasper and Adriana Vandenbossche