Grace upon grace: our family found a home

When the University Parish English-speaking community dissolved nearly ten years back, our family found a home in this amazing community at Sint Kwinten. It was Sint Kwinten for us or nowhere else.

It has been and continues to be a blessing being part of this beautiful community. The priests who come and go have impacted me personally, from Fr Troy and Fr Thomas to Fr Aaron and Fr Bosco, to name a few. In this community and through their prayers we have been blessed not only with the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony but also with three beautiful children who have been baptised in this community. They love coming here anytime.

The international character of the community has connected us to many wonderful people who have in turn blessed us.

It’s a warm place to worship at any time. The daily Masses in English are unique. The bilingual Masses also have helped me to improve my Dutch.

I thank God that I found a place like this, away from home, where I am able to praise and worship the Lord deeply. We want to thank everyone who’s been working so hard to keep the community going.

We are grateful, and will always be, for this amazing community.

Thank you, Sint Kwinten!

Marceline Ngala and family